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  • Promote research, development and the extension of science to improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of the WA pork industry

  • Liaise with all sectors of the WA pork industry to determine research, development and extension needs

  • Attract funding for the purposes of carrying out research, development and extension

  • Contract relevant personnel to undertake research, development and extension activities

  • Assist funding providers, the West Australian Pork Producers Association Inc and other relevant bodies with disseminating research outcomes and promoting uptake of new technologies

About Us

Pork Innovation WA Inc (PIWA) is a not-for-profit research and development provider led by the WA pork industry.

PIWA was incorporated on 15 November 2015.

PIWA's objectives are to:

PIWA 5.png

The WA pork industry is represented on PIWA's Committee by Westpork, Craig Mostyn Group, Milne AgriGroup, Peel Pork and the West Australian Pork Producers' Association.

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