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Our Services

PIWA offers a range of services and access to facilities for conducting research, development and extension activities. 

Our research staff are experienced in designing and costing projects, preparing funding proposals, conducting experiments, analysing data and writing research reports. 

We conduct research for funding providers in line with industry priorities as well as for commercial companies evaluating products and equipment.

We use our industry networks to access facilities for conducting a wide range of experiments.  These include:

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  • Commercial intensive facilities for large-scale validation studies, including a 48 pen/2,688 pig weaner shed and a 30 pen/1,200 pig grower shed, both environmentally controlled with slatted flooring, an automated feed system and group weighing facilities

  • A group-housed weaner facility capable of holding 110 pigs (22 pens with five pigs per pen) for up to 28 days for growth/production type experiments and experimental infection work

  • A meat laboratory situated at a commercial abattoir where a range of carcass and pork quality analyses can be undertaken

Contact PIWA to discuss utilising our staff and/or industry facilities to conduct your research, development and extension activities.

PIWA is grateful for the support of our collaborators:

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